Products & Services

Truth Is Not Relative

Moored by knowledge, driven by intellectual curiosity, and guided by well-executed research design, we deliver results that are a cut above. Harnessing intellectual capital, we leverage quantitative and qualitative research expertise, advanced analytics, and deep industry knowledge to create client value.

Creating Client Value

To deliver client value, we draw from an arsenal of skills, tools, and expertise.

  • Deep client industry knowledge
    Experts develop our expert content. All content specialists possess more than 10 years of relevant industry experience; all lead statisticians possess doctoral degrees.
  • Full suite of quantitative and qualitative tools & methods
    Standalone or holistic approach: it’s your choice. We can blend tools as needed, whether it’s surveys, focus groups or ethnographic interviews or advanced analytics. Our skill sets include:
    • Consumer, lifestyle & occasion-based market segmentation
    • Psychographic portraits
    • Brand, satisfaction & loyalty analysis
    • Consumer trend mapping
    • Competitive landscaping
    • S.W.O.T. analysis
    • Ethnographic analysis
    • Focus groups
    • Gap analysis
    • Trial promotion analysis
    • Price elasticity analysis
    • Market sizing and forecasting
  • Statistical analysis & modeling
    Powered by SPSS statistical software, we deliver a robust range of predictive analytic and business intelligence solutions.
  • Time-sensitive results delivery
    For selected projects and engagements, we offer a 48-hour project turnaround guarantee, as measured from the getting the official green light to project delivery.

Consulting, Syndicated and Quasi-Syndicated Products

We have expertise across the deliverables spectrum, from quick, time-sensitive consulting projects to months-long engagements to industry leading syndicated reports and customizable quasi-syndicated reports.

International Scope

In addition to possessing country-specific expertise, we have conducted payments and banking studies on a global level. 

Support Services

We also work with clients to build their in-house capabilities via marketing support and research training modules, and we provide supplemental financial analysis/equity research for selected projects.

  • Marketing support (including full-service graphic design and information graphics powered by leading graphics software solutions) to broaden your deliverable and presentation capabilities.
  • In-house research and writing training modules tailored to meet client education needs, to enhance your research capabilities.
  • Financial analysis/equity research, to provide a broader understanding of competitive landscape and positioning.

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