About Us

We serve marketers, brand gurus, research insights experts, product developers and investment professionals seeking research-driven insight.

Driven to Achieve Excellence

Driven to execute the best possible results for our clients and the best match for our services, we seek long-term professional relationships built on the integrity and best possible execution of our work.  

Entrepreneurial Foundation for Client Success

Our entrepreneurial foundation lends a flexible, adaptive approach to our client relationships. Asking the right questions may cause the research paradigm to shift. In our world, change is good, as long as it helps lead to best possible result. 


With 20 years of custom and syndicated research expertise, Managing Consultant David Morris brings his unshakable work ethic, drive for excellence, and professional integrity to each client relationship.

Client Benefit: Strong Project Synergy and High Quality

Mr. Morris brings a unique blend of managerial experience and research acumen to each Kaleidoscope project, with hands-on expertise across each major link in the research process, from proposal development to research design, project management, and presentation. 

For his clients, this translates to unbeatable project synergy, resulting in the highest degree of accuracy, efficiency, and quality.

Practitioner, Presenter, Professor, Learner

Mr. Morris has presented his research to audiences small and large, public and private, and his commentary has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, Time Magazine, and leading trade magazines. As a professor at DePaul University, he has developed and taught market research, critical thinking, communication and culture, and writing courses since 2001. Mr. Morris has also developed and presented educational learning modules and research training seminars for consulting firms and corporations. A lifelong learner, he earned his J.D. at Loyola University Chicago and has pursued graduate studies in English Literature at Cambridge University. He has also completed graduate work in persuasion and writing theory, clinical and social psychology, marketing, and economics. 

Small, Midsize or Fortune 500?

Mr. Morris has a long history of creating value for his clients, which have ranged from small, midsize and Fortune 500 companies and included product manufacturers and distributors, marketing and advertising companies, financial services companies, and consulting firms.